Something in Projucer cannot resolve the module path correctly (please help)

Im just trying to track down a issue in projucer, but its a nightmare, maybe someone could give me some advice

As you see, the path in the FilePathPropertyComponent could be resolved, if this wouldn’t be the case, it would be red.

The problem happens on windows 10

Something deep in projucer, cannot resolve the proper module path, but I’m not able to find the piece of code in projucer which checks the module path.

Project structure

while Link is a directory link to (create with mklink /D)

juce modules are in

(If the project is in C:\Users\User\Documents\A\Link and the module path is …/juceQuake/JUCEDev/modules it works)

PS: The same configuration worked with the old “JUCER”

Okay - once I used the “Add a module from a specified folder”-function the warning disappeared, also for other modules, I am now able to save my project.
I guess there is something still wrong, when manually resetting the module path, but I can live with this workaround

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Just chiming in to validate this Projucer issue.

I’m updating module versions in a project, and when I enter the path manually for a module, the Projucer cannot resolve the path. I then deleted juce_audio_basics from the module list for my project, and “added it from a specific folder,” and suddenly my path was correct, and all modules in that path are now valid.

Something to look into…