Windows: Missing Module Paths in Project checked out from Git

While I’m usually developing under macOS, I want to compile a project I’m working on under Windows. Creating a new project under Windows works,
however when saving the project I cloned from Git in the Projucer, I get the following error:

I’ve committed everything except for the Builds and JuceLibraryCode directories.

What could cause this error? My modules are properly set, otherwise the new project wouldn’t work, right?

Have you set the global modules path for Windows? There’s a drop-down in the global paths menu that you can use to set the paths for other OS’s:

Yes I have. These are my settings:

OK. Which module(s) has an invalid path? It should be highlighted in red. If you click on it you can see the path that it is trying to use.


If it’s greyed out like that then it can’t find the module. If you click on one of them it will show the path it’s trying to use.

After turning on “Use global path for this module” for every module, it worked.
It’s strange that this wasn’t the default behaviour. Thanks for your time!