New multi-touch features in Windows 7

Hello jules,
do you have plans to support them in the future?

Multitouch is coming strong, and imho is a must-have for JUCE, given the application areas. But should it be done by support for the APIs of Windows 7, MPX, and whatever the Mac version will be, or would it be easier/more worthwhile to support TUIO? The latter would mean an OSC implementation as well, which might be a handy addition.

I’m sure Jules has thought about this, and I’m also curious, as I’m working on a heavily touch-dependent application. Any thoughts you can share Jules?

Yes, multi-touch is going to be important, and I’ll certainly have to support it.

As I’m doing some iphone stuff at the moment, that’s a good platform for playing around with it. I’m pondering different approaches - probably the simplest solution is just to update the mouse callbacks to include a “finger” number and let multiple ups/downs happen in an overlapped way. But these are just my initial thoughts, it may be that an entirely new approach is better!

Seconding the suggestion to check out TUIO.

There is already a wrapper that takes tuio as input data and outputs “coordinates” to windows 7.

Thanks for the heads-up on TUIO, I just had a quick look at it, and they’ve certainly thought this stuff through!

Yes, TUIO is in some ways similar to juce, with the broadcaster/listener system.
I’m working on jost with kraken and I’m also building a multitouch screen.
The next step will be the implementation of all the multitouch stuff, and having it already in juce would mean a lot to me!

Yeah TUIO rocks!

But it’s only an extra (but NICE!) way to get multi touch input into JUCE, just like the iphone mt and Windows 7 MT APIs are?

Building TUIO into JUCE does not mean you can skip Windows 7 MT API?