New to Jucequake

Hi !
So, as I could not use Juce as a DLL properly without banging my head against the wall each time I have to rebuild after a pull… I start to manage my project using Juce as amalgamated… Ok, you have me on this.
And as I am changing mostly everything, I thought “why do not use the new Juce project, as modules ?”…
So here I am !
And I am coming with a fresh new error :wink:

In file juce_includesystemheaders.h, you let an include of a Cocoa header without checking OS first. It crashes compilation.
The line is the 26 of the previously cited header, which say :
#include <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

Please kick this line off for next release ! :wink:

Thank you, best regards

Wow… Not sure how that got in there?! Thanks, I’ll remove it!

No problem !
You do a nice job, mistakes can occur :wink:
Thank you BTW