No Audio Output in Unity Native plugin generated via juce

Hello, I’m new to Unity and have a little experience with JUCE. I just finished writing a simple noise generator in juce that has one audio parameter that can be exposed in unity for controlling via scripting, this parameters simply controls the amplitude of noise. The vst version works as it should. I load the unity plugin into the mixer as mentioned in a tutorial and I am able to see the amplitude parameter available for control. However there is no audio output. Being new to unity I am unsure what the next step is. Also the plugin is loaded into the mixer as an audio effect while it is actually a generator. How do I get the audio output of the juce unity native plugin into the mixer channel in unity?

Solved it. I should’ve watched some unity tutorials before asking this. Anyways to get audio. After loading the plugin In the effect section of the mixer, press the play button on top of the window.