Odd prefix in vcxproj files


Why does Projuce add \\?\ prefix to additional files paths i.e. <ClCompile Include="\\?\D:\Downloads\dev\Juce\juce-grapefruit-windows\modules\juce_events\interprocess\juce_InterprocessConnectionServer.cpp"> and hundreds more both in .vcxproj file and vcxproj.filters files?

I'm able to build the audio plugin demo project from examples and even tested it with Ableton and it worked, but i'm unable build new projects.




I just noticed, that I can change a modules path in Config (Path for "Visual Studio 2015"; though editing the path as such freezes Projucer) and then set the chosen path for all modules (Set paths for all modules...).

Can't wait for being able to build and debug in Projucer Windows version! :)


I'm seeing this too.  There is a straightforward workaround but still not conducive to a good first impression.

Also seeing this and it's preventing builds in Visual Studio 2013

It appears to be being used to prevent issues with long path names but perhaps isn't support in VS?


It's easy to re-create for me just create a new GUI Application project in the Introjucer and run in VS2013. Removing the \\?\ fixes it.


EDIT: Visual Studio 2015 also creates paths as ../../juce instead of the modules path

Thanks - we'll be pushing a fix for that imminently..

\\?\ issue should be fixed now!

Thanks guys! I'm new to JUCE but very impressed with the response time :)

Great! Fast work.