Projucer adds some "..\" in my VST path


I am defining a project in Projucer and filling the field VST/VST3 Folder field with ..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\SDKs\VST\vstsdk2.4 (8 times back then SDKs\VST\vstdsk2.4)

For some reasons, when generating the project, I can see in VS "Additional Include Directory" field that 2 "..\" were added such the path is now:

..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\..\SDKs\VST\vstsdk2.4, and it is a wrong path.


Is it a bug, or did I miss something?



It'll adjust the path to be relative to the build folder that's generated. We use a lot of projects that rely on that path and haven't noticed a problem with it. Are you saying the project doesn't work?

The path I am defining is indeed relative to the generated vcxproj, and it needs only 8 backs, and not 10 at it appears to be in the solution.

By the way when I edit the jucer file, I can clearly see that it put 10 backs instead of 8.

The same is working fine when defining header paths.


So to answer your question, no the project won't work if I don't correct the path in the solution




Which path are you talking about? The one in the global settings should be absolute. And the one in the per-exporter project settings should be relative to the .jucer project you're using. Like I said, it gets adjusted to be relative to the build folder, you shouldn't enter it relaitve to that.


I have just understood what you meant, the path I need to enter is relative to the jucer file, and projucer will readjust it...


Still some issues:

1) It does not seem to work when I define that Target projet folder is the same as jucer file (I write a "."(dot) in the field). The project is generated at the right place, but I expect that in this configuration, VST paths will remain unchanged. Still it will add me one "..\"

2) The bahavior is not consistent for VST paths and "Header Search Path". In the latter, path won't be readjusted, and remained as entered.




Try rebuilding the introjucer with the very latest code, I fixed a parsing problem involving '.' paths today. But there's really no need for the dot, you can just leave it out.

For header search path fields, we don't mess with them because it'll tend to be custom paths.


One thing, about leaving out the dot, returns to the default target folder (e.g Builds/VisualStudio2012)



BTW I am not sure what do you mean by "very latest code", does it mean to redownlaod the entire sdk ?

Side question: On the website there are a different dl for mac, win adn linux.

Is there a possibility to unite them all, on a  general and unique folder, or are there fundamental different that make I have to let them separate?



If you're serious about juce, you should be pulling from GIT. We often update multiple times per day.

What is GIT?


It's probably the most widely used development tool in history. If you've heard of a thing called "google", then you might want to use that to search for it!

Seriously...what is google?


Maybe I should search on Yahoo...


Just put your AOL CD into the computer and wait for your modem to dial-up... :)

Hey took it from GIT (glad I learnt what it is ;) )

And you know what? The issue is fixed


Thanks man!