Offtopic, success stories?

Well i was slashdot today and i found a title that got my interest:
“Has Apple Made Programmers Cool?”

apparently there are millionaire coders doing apps for the AppStore, i just wanted to ask is there anyone here with a “success” story like that, i mean is it really possible to do any actual money doing apps. And most important does that mean i’ll get laid more now that “beeing a coder is socialy acceptable” ?

just something fun i thought we could talk for a moment.

I think in reality, the app business is very much like the music biz: We constantly hear about the tiny number of people who’ve become disproportionately successful and rich, while the vast majority of developers chase the dream and end up losing money (…but maybe, like music, enjoying the creative process…).

The few people I know who are actually making a living from apps aren’t selling apps to end-users directly, they’re working as contractors to corporate clients to develop apps for existing businesses. And those businesses are rarely interested in selling to end-users directly either, the apps are usually some kind of promotion or tie-in to some other kind of revenue-stream.

[quote=“atom”]And most important does that mean i’ll get laid more now that “beeing a coder is socialy acceptable” ?

Hahaha if you hit on Apple fangirls, probably :wink:

Regarding apps development I always hear the same stories as Jules described. Even those who had the best app with no competitors yet, with an idea that wasn’t exploited before, they just had the time to make, say, a year’s money in a couple of months, and then a big fish occupies the territory for free and you just have to spend this money finding another idea.

The only way to make money, if you have a record of past companies you’ve built, is: go to the silicon valley, bullshit a bunch of VCs about the next big thing you’re going to create, don’t even bother coding anything, fail at launch, give the money back but oh wait, I’ve been paying myself like an hollywood actor so there’s no money left, sorry… “Colour”-style. :twisted:

I’m not really trying to make any money off what i code, i have my own day job and coding is just a fun thing to do. I was just wondering how does that market look like since i never was and probably never will be a professional programmer. But i’d really like to get laid more even if it’s those weird people you see in the streets will all that iWant stuff in their hands (they should tattoo that damn apple logo on their forheads).