Online API Reference


Just wondering if you guys have API docs somewhere I missed or planning to release one at least for the stable version?

Or, for the newbie, how would I go about generating this? I have never used Doxegen fr C++ reference creation.


Click “Learn” on the top of this page :point_up_2:

Although I find it much easier to use my IDE to jump around the relevant classes - all the API docs are generated from comments in the source code so it’s the same info.


Note the Tracktion Engine tag in the question. :slight_smile: And yeah, it does look like the Tracktion Engine is a bit light on the documentation. It would likely be in the source code itself if it existed.


Sigh… that’s going to catch me out more than once.


Jules even made it blue!


Sorry, in my defense, I was actually going to write “Tracktion Engine API” in the title but my programmer head said DRY! :wink:


I do this exactly as well, but it’s nice to have a condensed list of API with signature summary (not necessarily comments).


Back to the OP, maybe eventually but it’s not at the top of the priority list right now.

One reason is that I feel the same as @t0m in that I’m not sure how useful the online docs are? I never use the JUCE ones, it’s much quicker to contextually jump around in an IDE for me.

The second (and more important one) is that the documentation is still lacking in places. There’s a huge amount of code to document here and up until a fortnight ago it was rapidly being changed so writing docs for it was a futile task. Obviously now the API has stabilised a lot more we will be continuously adding comments but this won’t be an overnight thing. (I have to remember what it all does first :wink:).

Finally, doing this will take web resources and automation etc. to keep it all up to date and that’s just not something we have right now. Once things free up a bit we’ll take a look at how this should work.

Hope that explains the situation.


Yup, totally fine with it, just was curious. Thanks!


I do want to add that the source code IS pretty much self documenting if you give it your all and get some muscle memory with it.


Yep, that’s the other reason we haven’t made comments a huge priority, the code is fairly self-documenting. There’s just a lot of it!


I think this is fine when you already know your way around a class - when you don’t then having a top level overview that you can hyperlink around is really helpful.