OpenGL ES support on iPhone

I know this topic has been discussed already, but when is OpenGL ES being supported on the iPhone? Right now, I’m hitting major problems with JUCE’s drawing speed on the iPhone (about 1fps where I need 20fps) and the only solution to speed it up seems to be using OpenGL ES.

The code’s been there for ages, hasn’t it? What makes you think it’s not supported? (Even the demo app’s openGL page works, doesn’t it…???)

Thanks, last time I tried (not exactly ages ago), the OpenGL demo did not work, so I’m testing again now.

Now that is funny: I’ve tried the demo again on the iPhone, and now it works (and I didn’t recompile/reinstall the demo app!). I don’t have a Mac at hand, but could it be that it works on the iPhone but not in the simulator? I am pretty sure that I just had a blank (black) screen when I tested it.

That’s quite possible…

Ok thanks! I’ll post some OpenGL ES vs. CoreGraphics performance results when I’m done!