openGL invalid drawable

So this is strange. When I run the juce demo, the openGL portion seems to work perfectly … but looking at the console I see:

JuceDemo[1595:a0f] invalid drawable

Also, getAvailablePixelFormats() returns 0.
OpenGL is extremely new to me, so perhaps this is all to be expected ?
It does work … that is, I see the 3d rotating cube. But what’s with the errors?

Probably just some internal GL message, I doubt if it’s anything worth worrying about.

Yeah, it hasn’t held me up yet. Just thought you should be aware of it.

I’m getting this message in the Release version of my code. I don’t really care, but is there a way to disable it so you can’t see it when you run the app from the Terminal?

Anyone? Would really like to not have this message show up.

I’m going to release the completely rewritten GL classes in the next day or two…

“invalid drawable”

Was it on osx ?

It is a very generic error, but I remember I had the same problem with a bad use of cocoa windowing and opengl.
(dont remember exactly, but was related on NSView not attached to window).

This is happening when the OS X NativeContext’s destructor calls [renderContext setView: nil];

The fix for this was found some time ago:

I guess a [renderContext clearDrawable] call was put in to replace it but the [renderContext setView: nil] call was never taken out?

Hi all, I am gettin this message in my release as well as debug builds as well.  It seems to happen after calling OpenGLContext.attachTo() and openGLContext.detach()

Is there a way to have it not show up? Thanks!