OpenGL Oddness

Have some odd behavior with an OpenGLComponent and I was hoping someone may have some insight. I’m using JUCE 1.45. The app is running fine on Leopard, Snow Leopard, XP, Vista and most Windows 7 installs. I’ve only had a few reports of the issue on Windows 7 (32 & 64) and as it’s OpenGL related I suspect the device drivers. But I’m hoping to find a work around.

Figure 1 is a screen shot of my main window. The highlighted region is the OpenGLComponent (plot). This area is updating at approximately 24 frames per second and is driven by a timer.

Figure 2 depicts a PopupMenu that covers part of the plot. When the popup is present the plot updates correctly.

Figure 3 is the main window just after the popup window has been dismissed. This is where the odd behavior is encountered. The only portion of the plot that updates is the area directly under where the popup window was. I’ve highlighted this region. The issue remains until I do one of several things. A main window move or resize will resolve the issue. But so will clicking any of the ComboBox components on the far right. The moment the combo box brings up it’s PopupMenu the plot area renders as normal (Figure 4). I find this intriguing and quite odd as this popup does not overlay the plot area.

As I currently don’t have the time to update to the tip I’m stuck with trying to come up with a workaround. I’m really just looking for any thoughts as to why this behavior is occurring or some suggestions on sections to analyze.