OpenGL program(juce 2.0) crash in windows xp

I run JuceDemo(Juce 2.0) in windows xp, when I select the menu “demo/OpenGL”,
the program crashes.

I aslo run JuceDemo(Juce 1.5.3) in windows xp, when I select the menu “demo/OpenGL”, it’s normal.

It’s very stange.
Is there someone encounter the same problem? Thx.

Huge number of changes between those two versions.

Why does it crash? What does your debugger say? Or even your OS?


I found,juce_OpenGLContext.cpp line 206,access violation,something is null.

context.extensions.glActiveTexture (GL_TEXTURE0);

I quote this block of code and recompile my program,it’ ok.

Can you see which bit is null? It seems odd that GL_TEXTURE0 would be null, but possible if you have an old OpenGL SDK. But I’d think ‘0’ would be valid-ish value for that.

So is glActiveTexture null?