OpenGL/Software renderer diferences

Hi Jules,


Switching from default renderer to the OpenGL one, I see some differences in a background drawing

which uses setTiledImageFill and fillAll.

It seems to be some texture border issue. This happens on Windows and OSX.

The image is 86x74


Here are the rendering



Is htis normal ?


Thanks !

FWIW you can easily see this in the Juce Demo > 2D Rendering > Images: RGB Tiled

and switching between GL and software renderer

(Easier to see if you remove animations)

There are some edge-cases because of the way the shader does its wrapping - I've tweaked this in various ways over the years but it's a bit of a gnarly thing to get right.

Well, if you guys found some time to check this, it would be much appreciated :)

Following retina madness from Apple (it's pretty good actually), the GUI part has seen quite a big CPU increase and moving to an OpenGL renderer eases this a lot.

Our latest software has lots of animation and lag a bit when used in full screen on a 4k retina display.