OpenGL update/repaint issue on Apple Silicon

Hi all,

I have a strange issue with an OpenGLComponent on Apple Silicon (M1) machines: My plugin has several tabs (views) and it starts on another tab than the graphical view, which contains the OpenGLComponent. When I switch to the graphical view, for a split second I can see the contents of my OGLComponent, before they’re blacked out. Once I hover the mouse over the view, it gets painted again and stays that way until I switch back to another tab. Strangely, even when I press play in the DAW after switching to the view (having it blacked out), it doesn’t paint, although the view contains a playhead, so it should be constantly updated when playing at least. If I press play BEFORE I switch to the graphical view, it works correctly and shows the playhead running as soon as I switch over.

Additional info: This does not happen in VST2, but in AU, VST3 and AAX.

I saw this behaviour in various builds of the plugin using JUCE 6.0.8, 6.1.6 and also 7.0.0., on MacOS 12.5.1 as well as 13.2.1 and Running Apple Silicon native as well as Rosetta. The same builds work fine on x64.

Has anyone around these parts run into a similar situation or do any of the devs have an idea why this behaviour should be different on ARM-based machines?