OpenGLContext::triggerRepaint() without Component Update request

I found out that ContinuousRepaint is to performance hungry for my situation, so i want to use triggerRepaint() instead. (with less fps,  setSwapInterval doesn't fit )

But if i look at the source, it looks like triggerRepaint() also refreshes the componentBuffer for the child-overlays.

Would be nice if there is an option triggerRepaintNoComponentBuffer() which only only does repaintEvent.signal() (without  needsUpdate = 1; )



no.. I don't think it'll cause a repaint. Only regions of the cached bitmap that have been marked as dirty would get painted.

ah thanks, yes i was irritated because of the MM-Lock. 

Did you see the other issue,

GL Errors when removing a GL-component from its parent (und some circumstances)