Opinions on new eye candy

Been messing about with fancy graphics and thought I’d show you the new stuff I’ve done:


I think it looks pretty cute, but opinions welcome…

Also, what’s the status of people as far as look-and-feel goes - who’s still using the original LookAndFeel, and if so, why? I’m thinking of making the ShinyLookAndFeel the default, so would this mess up anybody’s projects? (you could still include and use the old one if you wanted to)

Very pretty. Is 100% algorithmical or are there bitmaps involved? Is it very much heavier than regular shiny?

If the choice was mine, I’d make regular shiny the new default, and name this new one “lickable”.

whats new? button highlighting I can see. nice.

what does T look like with the shiny L&F by the way?

As far as I can tell, title bar is redone, and there appears to be some extra gradients here and there. Sliders are same old though. Comming up with a lickable rotary knob might be a challange?

Pretty, although it does look a bit too mac-ish overall, wouldn’t fit in with my Windows or BSD computers (made my windows computer to look like my bsd computer, it does not look like windows). Is nice though. :slight_smile:

very nice indeed… but i prefer way much the old tracktion’s titlebar. clean and cute. adding 3d like with gradients don’t add cuteness to the gui… sometimes gradients heavy the readability and stress the eye… imho

anyway why don’t keep also the old look and feel for the ones that don’t want use the shiny ?

not bad.

The title bar is perhaps a little OTT.

I’m actually using the classic LAF, 'cos the shiny one doesn’t provide so much control over button colours, and I use colours to group functions.

It’s nice - I particularly like the minimise, maximise and close buttons :shock:, but I’m also not so sure about the gradient on the title bar. I think it’s probably the gap that’s left between it and the edge of the window, because it looks better (imo) on the source code window.

I’m also still using the original LookAndFeel on Twindy, because it’s closer to Tracktion’s LookAndFeel, which is obviously the main inspiration behind that project.

Actually, looking at the original LookAndFeel on this demo, the minimise and maximise buttons really stand out as not fitting in with the original close button - is this how they’re going to look in the next release, or are they just placeholders?

  • Niall.

It looks really nice. It’s much more contemporary looking. I’m looking forward to using it.

One quibble - when you click the green +, the window maximizes and the + becomes a rectangle. The rectangle then does what the “restore” button in Windows does. With the normal Windows UI, a rectangle means “maximize”. Could be confusing for end users.

I really like the new title bar. However, it would also be nice if the windowHasTitleBar flag worked properly. I use an ATI video card with two monitors and the ATI software places some extra buttons on the title bar that let you do things like maximize across multiple windows. Those buttons don’t show up for my JUCE app.


Pretty nice. If you can make both a default Mac skin and Windows skin that would be great. Here’s a small chunk of the skin I’ve created:

  • kbj

Looks really nice on my vaio. Can’t wait to apply this style to my apps (it’ll be interesting to see whether this is more resource hungry).

Great to see JUCE is constantly evolving and improving!

I use a ImageButton in the LookandFeel::createCloseDialogButton method

but i can never get it to line up right. It always gets cropped. Is there any way to define its size with out having to modify the juce library

I’m making a few changes to the lookandfeel stuff for the new DocumentWindow class, and there’s going to be a new lookandfeel method to position the buttons in the titlebar - so you’ll have more control. Not sure if it’s possible in the current code though…

thats great now i’m just hacking the DialogWindow class to get it where i need it

you might also think about putting a in or out of window focus flag in the LookandFeel::drawtitlebar class so we can change the color when out of focus.