Custom look and feel?


Just wondering if there are any other look and feels that have been developed other than the stock ones that are included in the framework?

I’ve done a few, but sadly I have this bad habit of breaking the model and make lookandfeels that only work for a particular program. And they are mostly incomplete. But some day I’ll make something releasable. It’s fun stuff to tinker with.

This is not complete, but it’s a start.

Would’ve named it shinyLookAndFeel, but Juce done took that one already. :smiley: Also, the titlebar is actually red, as per the screentshot. But that is only to show that it’s easy to change the color while maintaining the shine.

Looking forward to something myself too. 8)

Seems to be emtpy. :frowning:


not exactly empty - I got malware warnings from the site.

What happened to this? 8)