Our first plugin "Nylon"

Hey guys and girls,

I’m an active reader of this forum for the last two years and I saw a few of you sharing new plugins with the others. So I wanted to take the opportunity and share the first infos of a plugin I have been developing with two of my friends. The oscillator was developed by @jpeschke as his thesis at the end of his diploma. I’m very excited - and to be honest very nervous - about the soon to come release.
It’s our first commercial software and we almost certainly still have a lot to learn. If you would like to join our public beta, please register on our website. Feedback, especially from users of this forum, is always welcome, important and needed since a lot of you have experienced the hurdles of the business. In the next weeks demo videos and promo actions are about to come. So keep an eye out for Wave Casual and our first synthesizer called Nylon.



Nice UI!

So all the curves are rendered in JUCE graphics or OpenGL? Just curious.

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What I’m most impressed by is the gorgeous UI - I take it your other friend is a designer…?

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Congratulations! This is a real nice looking GUI!

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Looks great!

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hey guys, thanks for the positive feedback, it’s very motivating, just what we need in these scary times just before the first release. :slight_smile:
we don’t have a formally educated designer. thomas (@Achder) and me both studied “computer science and media” which has a small portion of design to it, but most of it is self-tought i’d say.
the ui is completely done in juce components @TeotiGraphix . we looked into using opengl, specifically to use glsl shaders for some visualisations, but decided it wasn’t worth the extra effort at this point.


Really nice ! Congratulations !

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Indeed a very tastefully done interface!

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I just got the beta. Been playing with it for 20 minutes or so.I’m not a synth geek, but I think I’m grasping the basic concept, though I don’t really get how the shape translates to the sound yet.

I like the drag and drop modulation connections. However click to remove is a little to easy to trigger when click + drag is required to adjust.

What I haven’t figured out yet, is can I type in values somehow? If I want to pick my oscillator up I’d like to be able to just type in 12.

UI is very pretty with a lot of stuff without seeming cluttered. Nicely done.

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About typing in values directly: You should be able to just start typing, when a slider is selected. When you enter a number the textbox should appear.

About the problem with deleting modulations by accident: Yeah, we are aware of that. We thought we’d try this variant first and wait for the feedback. Do you maybe have an idea how to do it better? We once used right clicks for deletion.

Ah, ok. That works. It’s not obvious that clicking on the circle part of a slider selects and clicking on the name deselects. Took me a bit to figure out what is up. I’d expect click anywhere to select, click a different slider to move selection. It would be nice if I could then click select the modulation amount and then enter a value.

I’d think right click to remove would be fine, but non obvious.

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I’d love to see a video/audio capture of tweaking it around a bit. In particular, one done by the designers. I imagine you’ve found some of the more nifty inputs! :wink:

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Awesome, it looks beautiful! Congratulations guys, good luck with the release