Output audio stream values


I am a beginner with Juce and I have a question.
I am trying to create a simple plugin that outputs the values of an input audio stream. What would be the best approach for that?

Could you be a bit more specific about what you mean by


So, do you want the audio to simply pass-trough (e.g. your plugins output audio stream ist exactly the audio stream it receives) or do you want to output some visual or text representation corresponding to some measurement results of your input stream or even the raw input samples as numbers…?

Thank you so much for your reply. I want to measure the input raw values and display them as a text on the GUI.

Ok, but what kind of information do you refer to when you speak of values? RMS levels, Peak Level, Spectral analysis…? I guess you don’t really mean the raw sample values as those are a few thousands per second as you probably might know :wink:

Rms values.
Your are right about displaying thousands of values on the screen, but I would like to monitor some of them and in the future to save the signal values each second to a json file.

managed it using rms. Thanks :slight_smile: