Overview (or easy way) to check latest supported iOS or macOS version for a certain version of XCode?

So, as per the subject: is there an overview somewhere (or an easy way) to find out which minimum version of iOS and macOS each particular version of XCode can still target?

And another question: when you’re releasing SDKs for other app developers to use in their music/audio apps, does it still make sense to support 32-bit versions? Seems like macOS 10.14 (Mojave) was the last version to support 32-bit apps, but that’s actually not THAT old. How would you feel as an application developer if an SDK is not supporting 32-bit any longer? Or should we all just get over it and only do 64-bit now…

(Also: is it just me, or is there always something that breaks (even for projects that don’t use JUCE at all) when Apple releases a new version of XCode? I never seem to have this issue on Windows with Visual Studio…)

I don’t bother with 32-bit on mac. Still get a few downloads on Windows though.

We stopped with 32-bit a year ago with Nexus3 (only Nexus2 is 32/64). Not even 1% complained. Ditch it.

Yes, for my granular plugin, I also moved to 64-bit only.
But we sell SDKs too, used by other developers. I suppose that if eventually no product developer builds/supports 32-bit any longer, it’s warranted to remove 32-bit support for SDKs too then…