Paste text using CMD+V in Logic pro


I am writing a juce based AU plugin, there is a texteditor in my plugin which the user should be able to paste some texts inside. It works fine in Ableton Live but in Logic Pro it does nothing. I know it might be the DAW that does not send the keypress events to the plugin, but I saw lots of plugins that work fine in Logic Pro (the copy/paste I mean). So, I wonder is there anything I can do to get those events? I have already overridden keyPressed and keyStateChanged functions, none of them catch CMD+V. BTW, the user can right click inside the texteditor and paste the text.



Hi ehsanen,

Thank you for the bug report. I've just fixed this and it seems to work. As we are just putting together a version bump of JUCE, it will be part of that release which is coming soon. Sorry for the delay.


Hi Fabian,

Thanks for the reply. Will the fix only be applied to version 4? Because our company has a license for version 3. How can we get our hands on the fix?

Yes, everything we've done since the V4 launch is V4-only. (If we back-ported all our fixes to V3 there'd be no incentive for anyone to upgrade!)