PATCH: Base Haiku build support

Hi Jules, I was experimenting a bit with HaikuOS today and made a Juce patch for it:


This allows to build most modules (I didn't try opengl or video as I don't use them).

I haven't implemented any of the native calls, so the application doesn't link. I need to fix other things first anyway.

For now this allows me to use the Juce API headers in Haiku, which is nice.


I will try to implement the core functions later on, but *only the core*.

I'm not interested on gui stuff, I use Qt for that.


EDIT: There's a small typo in there, "#ifdef JUCE_HAIKU" should be "#if JUCE_HAIKU" to be consistent with juce code.

This only happens once.


I had to google for Haiku to find out what it was, I'd never heard of it!

I'm not particularly keen to add support for really niche OSes like this, because all those extra little OS-specific tweaks just add clutter and become a headache when maintaining the codebase. But if you want to post the rest of your changes when you've finished implementing the core stuff, I'd consider it.

Makes sense, thanks for the reply.


So is it ok to only implement juce_core?


It's ok if that's all you want to use!