PDF version of JUCE documentation

I just created a PDF version of the entire JUCE API so that I could put it on my iPad. It’s about 3,200 pages and all the links are live (well, at least the ones I tried) so you can quickly jump from one place to another.

I am wondering if this would be useful to others and if so I could make it available for download at my website ---- however I would only do this with the permission of the copyright owner.

Let me know.


I am more curious is how you create a PDF that assembled more than 1,350 HTML files?

Would you believe that I can type really really fast?

Cool! Maybe if you let me into the secret, I could add it to my build process so that it’s always up-to-date?

Adobe acrobat professional can spider a website and save the results as a PDF. It works pretty well most of the time altough it’s not quite as optimized as I would like. For example it reloads stuff that it has already seen (like images used on multiple pages) and I had to block google-analytics.com to stop acrobat from downloading it 3,200 times.

I did this for Max/MSP a few months ago after cycling 74 told me they couldn’t provide their docs in PDF format. After I sent it to them, they asked me if I would make it available for download, which I did.

Ah, I see. Sounds like a bit of a faff to do that every time it changes… I think there is some kind of way to get doxygen to produce PDF via Latex or something… I might have a go next time I’m doing documentation stuff.

Can’t Doxygen generate a latex output from which you can generate a pdf?
Though I’m not sure whether the pdf will have links, but I would guess so.


So I take it that nobody is interested in having a PDF version right now?

I dont know how often the docs change but it was pretty trivial to just run acrobat to make the PDF.

personally, i use the GoodReader app and read the docs as-is [you can download and extract the documentation zip in-app]. Never really felt the need to have it converted into a pdf personally.

I use goodreader as well — that’s why I created the PDF version. Wasn’t aware that it could read other formats directly.