Can we have a PDF version of the documentation?

Hi Jules,

is there any PDF version of the Juce Wiki or Doxygen site ? I am in the habit of turning my wifi router off so i’m not tempted ( working from home as i do ) to
waste time on the internet or dreaded Facebook !. This works fine when working with my other coding tools
but when i turn to my Juce C++ work i have to leave the wi fi on!.

is there any way we could have a PDF version too ? even one produced every six months or so would help greatly.



Does doxygen do PDFs…?

fraid I dunno.

Never used Doxygen apart from your site.

Doxygen can do a latex output from which you can generate a PDF. The according tag is GENERATE_LATEX, followed by some further tags to specify output directory etc.


Hey Jules,

Chris is right, Doxygen can generate Latex output using GENERATE_LATEX option in config file,
After generated Latex file can be converted to fine formated PDF using Latex compiler, One can install latex on machine or use online version of latex compilers.
I know one good is scribtex. Give it a try.

Offline PDF would be great document for Juce…