PHP library in my project

Hi, I have found a library that I really need wrote in PHP, there’s a way to use it inside my JUCE project? and if it’s yes, how?

Thank you in advice!

To be clear, you want to run php code within a JUCE application? So, somebody runs this application on their computer, and within the application some php is running?

It also might be helpful if you gave a little indication as to what it is you want to achieve, so others might offer alternate (possibly better) solutions.

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Really thank you for reply, so:
I’d like to get some info and do some operation with instagram, but I don’t know how to do, in particular I want to do have a constructor like this:

    MyProfile(String name, String pass) : User(name)
        pass = password; 

and maybe a func like this:

bool performFollow(String userId) { /*here operation to make the logged in user to start following the user whose id was passed in the parameter*/; }

I found this library

and it seems having all I need.

initially I thought to do it by myself using Instagram API and URL class but I’m not that experienced and I don’t know how to achieve this, so I thought that using something ready should be the best solution, unfortunately it’s written in PHP…

Since it’s a REST API, you should be able to use the URL class to do whatever you need to do. You’ll need to have a basic understanding of HTTP and REST APIs to be able to use their API documentation effectively.

I see a couple of C++ wrappers for the Instagram API on GitHub, but none that are actively maintained. Since the Instagram developer page has a giant warning about their legacy API being disabled recently, I doubt any of these projects are very useful anymore.

Btw, are you sure that the API actually provides follow/unfollow type functionality? I briefly looked through the docs for their Basic Display and Graph APIs, and didn’t see anything like that. It’s mostly profile data/content retrieval, and the Graph API has some content management/comment moderation functionality for larger accounts. It doesn’t look like the PHP library you linked provides that functionality, either.

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