Playing mono WAV on windows only in left channel


i have some mono WAV samples that i want to play. these are 22k mono wav files of things like beeps. they playback ok in other software, but in Juce i get only the left channel, or maybe very low in right channel, it’s not easy to tell.

im doing essentially the same thing as the Juce demo and, sure enough, the juce demo also only plays the left channel. i’ve attached beep.wav as a test (zipped).

it’s either a bug, or i need to somehow persuade it to fulfill both channels.

any help appreciated,
– hugh.

That’s odd. Is it just a problem in your app, or does it also fail if you use the juce demo’s audio playback page to select them?

yes, that’s what i mean. the jucedemo also plays only the left channel, select the wav file in the demo and play it.
now, possibly, i just need to tell something somewhere i want mono->stereo.

i tried changing formats, eg ogg and it’s the same. only the left plays when mono. stereo data is fine.

… unless it’s something with my machine here?

Dammit, looks like I must have buggered something up recently - there was a typo in the audio format reader. I’ve checked in a fix now, thanks for spotting it!


Yes, that fixes it. everything works here now.

thanks a lot for the quick fix.

– hugh.