QTAudioReader w/ mono mp3 = bad output

Mono mp3’s seem to produce bad output. Chopping noise followed by tinny representation of proper output. I’ve verified using Juce Demo (with quicktime enabled) using a mono mp3 file created using Audacity with Lame.

Are you using the latest version? I seem to remember fixing something like this a while ago…

This is happening with 1.53.30

Could you email me your dodgy mp3 to try? And is this on mac or PC?

I’ve sent you an email with an mp3 and the related information.

For the record:

-Tested on OSX 10.6.6
-Juce 1.53.30
-Outputted sound is very corrupt for 2-3 seconds and then becomes less so. This is regardless of start position.
-Behaviour was found on mono mp3 files for which I do not know the creation method.
-Behaviour also exhibited in Juce Demo with QuickTime support enabled (simply added QuickTimeAudioFormat to format manager)
-I’ve generated test mp3’s using Audacity 1.2.5 with Lame 3.98.2 to verify.
-Stereo mp3’s produced under the same method play fine.
-All noted mp3’s mono or stereo play fine in QuickTime Player and VLC with no audible glitches.