Please add a "known bugs" list

I know you say that juce is bug free, and that Jules' policy was "if a bug is reported and confirmed, I stop doing whatever I do to fix it".
But a few times lately, bugs were reported and took a bit of time to get fix.
If it is a tiny bug that happens under ultra specific circsumstances that's fine, but lately some bugs where really important (channels configurations, noise under logic audio, etc.)
I like to be on the tip and build with it. but I should not have to go through the forums to be sure that there's nothing really wrong with it that hasn't been fixed yet.
So please please please expose somewhere a list of the bugs with their priority states and status (confirmed/resolved/etc.).


Our current plan is to move to fogbugz at some point in the future..


Until that point in the future, I suggest to create a “Bugs” forum category where people could report bugs.
Once confirmed, they would be moved to “Known Bugs” category by the JUCE team/admins. When the bug is resolved it can be moved to a “Resolved Bugs” category.
It would be much better than the current situation where seemingly arbitrarily some bug reports get responses and some don’t.

It might be a good idea to make several “Bugs” sub-categories like “Audio Plugins/Bug Reports”, but only one “Known Bugs” category, where devs can look to understand the current situation. For longstanding bugs the topic could mention at which version the bug was introduced.

So for example when the AU wrapper was broken between JUCE 4.1 and 4.2, a developer would had been able to easily tell the situation from the “Known Bugs” category and could choose to stay with JUCE 4.0 for the time being if they needed AU. Then they would of course verify that JUCE 4.0 is a good choice by having a look at the “Resolved Bugs” category (where bugs of previous versions are listed).


yeah please!


Here’s an example bug report: “Trail” bug when using setBufferedToImage and transforms

Found a bug, investigated it and did the work to reproduce it in the JUCE demo (with minimal changes, just add setBufferedToImage), and even suggested a fix! -

3 weeks without any response :confused:
Had it been in a “Bugs” category hopefully it wouldn’t had been lost in the forums… Users would had been happier and JUCE would have less bugs lying around in its code…


Another example of a bug that’s been lurking around for 2 years with no response: Problems in SoundForge and Vegas

Maybe github issues will get better attention? Feeling helpless… :confused: