Bug reporting and expectations

What is the preferred way to report JUCE bugs?

Someone asked this here and @leehu answered “here or on GitHub”, but my observation is that bugs get posted on the forum informally and tend to get quick responses and discussion, whereas people put a lot of effort submitting well-constructed reports on GitHub often receiving no response for months. Are reports more likely to get attention / and or actioned more quickly if posted on the forum?

Which leads to my followup question, what should developer expectations be in terms of fixes? If I am a Pro license payer, for example, and there is a JUCE bug that negatively impacts my product in a noticeable way, what can I expect from Roli in terms of support? At the very least it would be helpful to have an acknowledgement of the report and some kind of estimate on priority and / or fix time. Currently it feels like GitHub-reported bugs go into a bit of a black hole.

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Empirically, posting to the forum gets a slightly faster response, but that’s not deliberate - we aim to fix all bugs as soon as possible whatever format they are reported in.

We’re a little behind our usual response time as we’ve recently been directing a lot of our attention at some big upcoming features. Getting the right mix of forum presence, bug fixes and support, and foundational work on the framework is a bit of a balancing act, and perhaps we need to lean back towards more visible maintenance for a little while.

The expectation should be that bugs will be fixed, but it’s difficult to assign any sort of timeline to them. Highest priority would be potential crashes, lowest would be things that can be worked around in the short term or don’t affect the user experience too badly.


Thanks for the quick reply, I totally appreciate the situation. Thanks also @ed95 for today’s fixes :sunglasses:

Not that I want to make even more work, but it might be worth posting a brief pinned message at the top of the forum, outlining best process for bug reporting and fix expectations, so it’s clear and easy for others to find.


I agree - I recently posted a bug on the forum as GitHub issues didn’t seem to get any responses from the JUCE team. My suggestion would be that GitHub issues should at least be given a timely courteous “we’ll look into it” response.