Plug-In fails to load on Tracktion

I’m not sure if this is the right place to discuss it but, since I see Tracktion Waveform guys here I’ll first try here :slight_smile:

I’m trying to test our plug-in on Tracktion Waveform 12.5.11 (free).

  • Audio-Unit works just fine
  • VST3 Fails to load… (sandboxed or not)


When I use pluginval our plugin scans well even with highest strictness. It opens up including UI while validating inside Waveform…

Same binary loads up just fine in other hosts (Ableton Live, S1, etc)

Debugger isn’t helpful since it simply fails to load much earlier than that.
Our plug-in includes ARA support (but also regular VST3 workflow), yet, the ARAPluginDemo with exact JUCE branch and ARA SDK works.

I’m puzzled :slight_smile:

Hi Tal, I just tired the trial in the latest build of Waveform 13 (due for launch very soon…) and it seem to be working ok:

I’m guessing the the version of W12 you’re using was using an older juce build with an issue.

Thank you for checking it Dave.

I’ll ask our QA to throughly test it once v13 is released.

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