Plugin cannot open other windows in Bitwig of FLStudio when fullscreen on macOS


JUCE plugins cannot open windows anymore in Bitwig or FL Studio (and maybe so other hosts) when these hosts are in fullscreen on macOS (that means no PopupMenu or drop boxes when fullscreen)

It used to work, and was broken by this commit:

and more specifically the change at line 200 – reverting that change fixes the issue.

PS: is anyone from the JUCE team reading these posts ? I have made seven posts in the last 30 days, reporting about juce bugs, most of the time with a decent fix included, and I think a good number of them are completely non-controversial. None of them has been acknowledged…


I feel your pain… Took months for some juce 7 bugs to even be commented on by the team. Sad to say that I have little expectation of feedback these days - I’ve resorted to bumping my tickets every week or so and tagging people, I hate doing this, but otherwise there’s very little communication these days. I’m sure it’s due to being overloaded with work, but it still sends bad signals. They either need to stop giving juce away for free and get more funds to hire more programmers, someone to manage user interaction etc, or they need to stop working on new features when bugs come in. Overall, better communication is needed along with some kind of roadmap. I asked for an update on an iOS 13 feature a few weeks back (we’re on 16 now) and heard nothing. Very trustrating and really makes me not want to pay my upgrade fee any more, but after so many years I’m bought into the eco-system and have little choice. When I pay an upgrade fee into the 100s every year or so I’d certainly like to have someone I could contact about things. I don’t even know who runs the team as such since Jules left. I don’t know anything about future roadmap and whether iOS support is essentially capped at what they developed years ago. I don’t even have anyone I can ask these questions to.
5 years ago I raved about Juce to everyone - 2 months ago a mate of mine asked whether he should invest in the Juce ecosystem and with all honesty I told him it might not be his best option. I didn’t like saying it, but it’s (my) truth.


This forum is a front-line - those guys are well and truly back at the base.

If you want the main JUCE devs’ attention, you’ll have to seek them out in Discord.

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Well I don’t know if I want to chase the JUCE developers wherever they are hiding. When I look at Contact | JUCE I do not see discord being mentioned, I only see "the forum’s also a good place for bug reports ".

I do not request the JUCE devs real time attention, I just would like that sometimes they read the forum and take note of the bugs that are mentioned there, especially when they come with a proper fix. This forum used to be a good place for that. Two examples:

  1. Channel selection / deselection is broken with CoreAudio channel selection was broken. I see know that it has been fixed a few days ago: CoreAudioIODevice: Fix handling channel configurations with disabled… · juce-framework/JUCE@5162793 · GitHub . In the past, we used to get a notification in the thread, saying that the bug was fixed. Looks like it does not happen anymore.

  2. LV2 plugin: in its current state it is absolutely broken with some hosts due to a trivial mistake: Wrong buffer length in LV2 plugin processBlock . That looks like something JUCE would care a little bit since it was advertised as one of the major features of JUCE 7.

So yeah, it seems that every two years I’m making one of those threads where I complain that the JUCE team has gone missing. I’m pretty unhappy right now.

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Slightly off topic, but I can understand how stuff is getting missed here by the JUCE team, because recently there seems to be an awful lot of noise : people asking questions that have already been asked or even solved, but they didn’t make enough effort with searching the forum. I can slightly understand this because sometimes it’s difficult to mention the right keywords, and even if you do the result you’re looking for ends up at like the 10th result, and people tend to give up when the answer is “below the fold”. I sometimes get better search results by using DDG (or whatever) with the qualifier, but perhaps not everyone tries this. What to do?

There’s a Juce Discord?? Didn’t even know…

I’ve had success discussing issues with JUCE devs on this Discord channel:

Thanks for reporting, this issue should be resolved by this commit:

Yep, we read everything. We did go a bit quiet for a bit (mainly due to ADC) but we’re catching up with the backlog now. Things might also be a bit quiet over Christmas.

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Hi, @reuk . any chance of any comments on:

which have been around for a while. thx

AUv3 Shared Presets - this is a feature request and I’ve moved it to the feature requests category. It seems like a good idea, but it will need to compete with all of the other good ideas. Voting in the feature requests category is a sensible way to judge community demand.

Developing Apple watch apps - you ask if anyone has done it and if it is possible. The JUCE team hasn’t attempted it, so there’s nothing useful we can say.

Storing info in iCloud - What do you need beyond what’s provided by the native save dialogs? What information would you get the user to specify? How would this be used? There’s not enough information in the question to be able to respond constructively.

If you need to contact us about something that can’t be shared on the forum you should email

The JUCE devs read the forum. You have direct access to the developers.

We do not have a JUCE Discord channel. The way to get our attention is via the forum.

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That’s still the policy. This must have slipped through the net.