Plugin Copy Stage broken on Apple Silicon

I’ve spent the day pulling my hair out trying to figure out why our plugins aren’t loading after UB2 compile on my DTK. Turns out, something is going awry during the plugin copy step on a CMake generated project.

Here’s what gets copied to my VST3 folder. It’s 62.1 MB:

Here’s what is in the _artefacts folder. It’s 62.6 MB:

Now here’s the really weird part. The file that gets copied is not recognized as an executable inside the bundle. Here’s the VST3 folder copy:

And here is the same file in the _artefacts folder:

EDIT: Implied it in the first sentence but forgot to explicitly mention it… the smaller, auto-copied binary doesn’t work. If I manually copy the _artefacts folder binary over by hand, that binary works. I’ve deleted the VST3 folder binary every time to ensure that the _artefacts binary is copying successfully.

EDIT 2: Okay, doing a side-by-side diff shows that the _CodeSignature folder is not present in the auto-copied binary. Additionally, the main binary is different. Investigating…

Just bumping this. Anyone else seeing the copy stage happen before code signing on CMake projects? If so, what’s the best practice for fixing it?