Post build step on MacOS no longer working

I’m trying to update a plugin that I haven’t built since 2015 or so. I updated to version 6.0.4 (from version 3.0.2 I think) and I’m able to get the code to compile, but the post build script fails. After some investigating it appears that the script expects the VST3 plugin to be a folder, while the compile stage is producing an actual VST3 file.

Here is the snippet that’s failing.

if [ $copyVST3 -gt 0 ]; then
  mkdir -p "$VST3Dir"
  if [ -d "$VST3" ]; then
    rm -r "$VST3"

  echo "Copying $original to VST3 folder $VST3 ..."

  cp -r "$original" "$VST3"
  sed -i "" -e 's/TDMwPTul/BNDLPTul/g' "$VST3/Contents/PkgInfo"
  sed -i "" -e 's/TDMw/BNDL/g' "$VST3/Contents/$INFOPLIST_FILE"
  codesign -s "<certificate>" "$VST3"


It appears that the method for creating the VSTs has changed at some point but I’m not sure how to get the script working again. Any help would be appreciated.


As far as I remember, with the latest JUCE versions VST3 are now built as bundles (similar to AAX). I’m still on 7.0.3 and VST3 are still single files, so I can’t help more with this.

I’m actually still on 6.0.4. I haven’t been able to move to 7 yet because of other issues. I’m hoping to get this resolved first.