Vst3 not created after successful build

I am trying to build a simple VST created with Projucer. In the Projucer Project settings, Enable Plugin Copy Step is by default enabled, and VST3 binary location is correctly pointing to my default VST3 folder location on my Mac, aka $(HOME)/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3.
After saving settings and successfully building in Xcode, with my Build Scheme set to All, no Vst3 is created at the location. It does not work either when changing the scheme to vst3.

What did I miss in setting up my project?

You could check in the builds/xcode/debug folder if a vst3 was built. In that folder should be a .vst3, either an alias to the directory it was moved to or a normal file.

Apparently, there his a hidden user folder. I’m not sure which is which but my workaround so far is that I’ve hardcoded the path to the exposed one (where the vst i bought are) as location and it seems working. Not sure what is the explanation.
Anyway, I had checked before and there was an old version of a vst3. so at one point the settings may have worked, but not at the time i wrote the post

Ah I see, you were looking in the Library folder that is shared for all users. There you find installed plugins.
You should have looked under the Library folder for the current user. It’s in ~/Library instead of /Library you can find it via your user home, it may indeed be hidden. That’s where juce copies the vst3 to.

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