Windows: Where is the VST3 build?

Windows you will need to manually copy the VST3 you built from your project’s build folder to the VST3 installation folder, which is typically C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 .

I dont which particular file in the folder is the VST3.
Is it “projectname_VST3.vcxproj”?

And I dont have a folder called “common files”.

Does anyone have more clear instructions for windows users?

Maybe your Windows installation is broken in some way or are you perhaps using a non-English version? The Program Files/Common Files folder should be on the system by default, as far as I recall. Did they maybe rename it on Windows 10? (I am myself still on Windows 7.)

The actual VST3 plugin binary file has the .vst3 file extension in your Visual Studio project folder. It’s hidden quite deep in the project folder structure :


Thanks for reply.

I dont have VST3 folder in Debug or any file with extension .vst

I found the common files folder, thanks.

Did the Visual Studio solution successfully build all the projects? For a VST3 plugin you would need the “shared code” and “VST3” projects built.

shared code yes, VST3 no.

Was the VST3 plugin format added into the options in the Projucer project?

Another possible problem could be that you used the “Start Debugging” (shortcut F5) command in Visual Studio. That does not necessarily build for example the VST3 project by default, you would need to use “Build Solution” (shortcut F7) instead.

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Thanks. Build solution worked.

Now I get this error.

“Exception thrown at 0x00000268D0190757 in AudioPluginHost.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000000”

If it isnt clear already, this my first time with C++. Before I was using Python.

It is unfortunately very difficult to say what exactly went wrong in that case. Some code apparently tried dereferencing a null pointer, but with these details it can’t be said what. Did you try running the AudioPluginHost under the Visual Studio debugger? When did the crash actually happen? Right when starting the AudioPluginHost or when you tried loading your new plugin?

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Got it thanks.

I had to Build Solution then Debug. I will write a blog about this after I launch my website.

Last piece of this tutorial.

“then set the path to the AudioPluginHost executable in the “Command” field.”"

Which file is that? Its not obvious to people who are new to C++.

Here I have set the debugging command to be the Cockos Reaper DAW application, but in your case you would use the location of the Juce AudioPluginHost.exe instead.