VST3 and AU binaries not building

Projucer v 6.1.6
Xcode v 13.2.1
MacOS v 12.3.1


I’m having issues locating the binary VST3 and AU plugin builds from Xcode in the paths that are set in Projucer as VST3 Binary Location and AU Binary Location, in Exporters: Debug and Release. Enable Plugin Copy Step are Enabled in both debug and release.

My VST3 host application Ableton Live has had no trouble finding the VST3 build when scanning for plugins, but the folder in Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3 does not contain my binary build (and neither does the Components folder in that path). I’ve had no trouble retrieving the plugin as a standalone, if that makes any difference, but cannot retrieve the .vst3 or .au into my (Juce) Audio Plugin Host. Did I miss any important configuration?

Thanks in advance! :smiling_face:

In Xcode check if “Deployment Location” is set to “Yes” for the targets… ProJucer doesn’t appear to set that flag.


Thanks for the advice! I checked, and my deployment locations in Xcode were set to Yes already.

The system wide Library folder needs privileged rights to be written which is why you usually use the user Library folder ~/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3 during development. Usually the plugin is copied there if the copy step is enabled, which might also be the reason why Ableton finds it. Did you look there?

Wow, there they are!! In my hidden user library folder :see_no_evil:

Never will I have to wonder about this again :sweat_smile: Thanks a lot!