Plugin Host crashes when trying to use 'Default ALSA Input'


whenever i try to use the JUCE plugin host with my internal laptop soundcard and JACK, the plugin host crashes with a segfault.

When the internal soundcard is configured in the plugin host, and jack is alread running, the host doesn't even start.

When nothing is configured in th eplugin host (all inputs/outputs set to <<none>>), and JACK is running, the plugin hosts starts, but as soon as i try to set the input 'Default ALSA Input', the host crashes. The output works, anyway.

Using JACK directly doesn't seem to work either, it never shows up in the options ...

Using an extrenal USB interface, things are running smoothly.

Any ideas ?

...and the stack trace?

Not much of a stack trace, rally, just this:

JUCE v4.0.2
[2]    19144 segmentation fault (core dumped)  ./Plugin\ Host

Is there some option i have to enable to display more detailed information ?

Hmm, ok, seems to be some problem with JACK's ALSA-Plugin ... i remembered that there was some option to explicitly enable JACK support for the respective JUCE module. Did that, recompiled the plugin host. Now it's working, and the plugin host shows up as JUCEJack in qjackctl.

Sorry, my bad.

Erm.. yes, use a debugger!