Plugin not recieving mouse clicks on OSX10.3.9 modal windows

I tested my plug in on my old Powerbook G4 with OSX 10.3.9 with an old version of Garage-band. All modal windows (PopUps and AlertWindows) don’t react on mouse clicks, but keypressing and mouse moving are recognized.

I use the latest JUCE from the svn repository.

Any ideas whats wrong?

erm… no, I’ve no idea at all, TBH. And I no longer have a copy of 10.3 to try. Could this be related to the mouse/timer stuff that zamrate has been posting about?

I am not sure. On other platforms nobody reported me that problem with AU plug ins. But i didn’t check the combination PPC/OSX 10.4/AU yet. I tested with GarageBand and AULab.