Plugin not recognized after switching from VSTSDK to JUCE

Okay, maybe this is perfectly normal, but it’s still kind of weird: I have “ported” a plugin from VSTSDK 2.3 to JUCE. All attributes that IMHO help the host to recognize a plugin have been kept identical (Unique ID, Vendor String, Vender Version etc.). The number of parameters also has not changed. Nevertheless, a (Cubase SX3) project in which the old plugin.dll has been used doesn’t recognize the new plugin.dll as being the same plugin. Moreover, if I save the old plugin.dll as ‘oldplugin.dll’ in the VST folder, the project recognizes ‘oldplugin.dll’ to be the old ‘plugin.dll’ (I hope this is somewhat clear). So the host uses SOME feature in oldplugin.dll (not the file name, obviously) to recognize it. But what? As I said, all attributes I could find are identical in the new and the old version. Any ideas?

If they both supply the same supposedly-unique 4-byte ID code, then that could confuse the host…

They do, but on purpose. The old dll is replaced by the new one, so I thought that by using the same “Unique ID” it would be recognized to be the same plugin. But it isn’t…

does it also have the same file name? many host don’t rely on the four character code because it’s not reliable and prefer to use the filename or both.

Yes, it has. Everything I can think of is identical…

Cubase doesn’t rely on the filename, as I wrote in the first post (oldplugin.dll is still recognized, so it must query some property that I have overlooked so far…).

Okay, there is a small but important difference between

setUniqueId(2616) and setUniqueId('2616')… :oops:

I’m officially stupid! Sorry.