PluginID when porting VST2 from VST SDK to JUCE

I am porting a VST2 project from steinbergs VST2 sdk & VSTGUI to JUCE.
The ported plugin just works fine with JUCE as VST3 and VST.

But my host does not recognize the new JUCE VST2 plugin as an update of the old plugin.
My old VST2 plugin has got a PluginID from steinberg but I haven’t found where I can put it so that the wrapper knows it.

What needs to be done to make the host see that “the new one is just an update of the older one”?
And is it even possible?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

I found out how it works, just in case anybody runs into the same issue:

In the Projucer Plugin Settings there is a Plugin Code field that is set to a four-character unique ID for your plugin.

The JucePlugin_PluginCode makro in JucePluginDefines.h is set to this ID.

This PluginCode has to match the code in the earlier plugin versions, then it works.