Plugin window / UI offset in Waveform 10 host[SOLVED]

There is a UI offset with some of our plugins in waveform 10. Tested on Linux. The UI overlaps the title bar. Resizing fixes the problem. This happens with resizable and also with fix size UI’s.

See here:

It looks like this also happens or happened with other plugins and other operating systems:

Is there something we can do on the plugin side to avoid this? It looks that not all of our plugins are affected, but i wasn’t able to find the difference so far. All built with the latest JUCE release.

What version are you running? This was fixed in the Juce hosting a few months ago. I think it should be fixed in the latest beta?

Good to hear that this is a known issue and already fixed. I tried with 10.4.2 and also a user reported it to me. Maybe we are not up to date, but it looks like a hosting issue then.

Here is the thread where it was fixed: Linux: plugin windows at 0,0 instead of correct location in parent component?

My mistake, we haven’t done a W10 build since the fix. It’ll be in the next build.

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