What is required to add Gig Performer as one of the types in PluginHostType?


Just a guess:

  1. Fork JUCE, because see #5.

  2. Add the enum and relevant prototypes in modules/juce_audio_processors/utilities/juce_PluginHostType.h.

  3. Add the relevant code in modules/juce_audio_processors/utilities/juce_PluginHostType.cpp.

  4. Write a simple test in one of the sample plugins to see if its running in “Gig Performer” (or add a new example plugin which merely reports on all of the details it can find in PluginHostType at runtime)

  5. Submit a proper PR per the guidelines.

  6. Bathe in the glory of adding “Gig Performer” support!

Perfect - thank you

(I like #6)

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