Plugins 'category' fields

Just wanted to mention that with introduction of the MultiChoicePropertyComponents to select the AU/VST/AAX categories in the projucer projects (which is great), existing projects get their existing category settings cleared. We just have to think about updating the setting manually in the projucer, but perhaps it worths being mentioned in the “breaking changes” text document.

That shouldn’t happen as the previously selected plugin categories should be copied over in this method which is called when a project is loaded. Are specific formats/categories not being preserved or is it all of them?

hmm right! I can’t reproduce it now, so it was a mistake from me obviously.
sorry for the noise!

After first project saving anything was right, i just (open &) resaved the project again, now pluginAAXCategory is empty (which is now a number and not a define)

i could reconstruct the problem with the latest tip, aax reverb flag is gone after reopening the projucer project

Yep, this happens to me frequently as well. AAX and RTAS categories reset to “” when the jucer project is loaded and then the the “export to IDE”-button is clicked in Projucer 5.3.0. I keep getting this git diff:

-pluginAUMainType="'aumf'" pluginAAXCategory="1" pluginRTASCategory="1">
+pluginAUMainType="'aumf'" pluginAAXCategory="" pluginRTASCategory="">

Thanks, I’ve just pushed a fix for this which should be on develop shortly.


I’ve just upgraded to the latest ProJucer, v5.3.2, and now none of my AUs will scan, but all my VST still scan. Could this be related? Anything I need to update in ProJucer? My Plugin AU Main Type is set.

Figured it out, if there is a version mismatch between juce and Projucer, AU plugins won’t scan.