Point is ambiguous but complaints are about Appkit Framework code

I am getting that Point is ambiguous issue in XCode 13 on the bitklavier project. It builds fine on XCode 12.4, but I get this string of errors in XCode all pointing to Appkit files from an include made in one of our files.

There are two things called Point and the compiler doesn’t know which one you mean. It’s best to change all your Points to juce::Point instead.

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Do you use the latest version of JUCE?

The area in which it is confused is in AppKit code not ours. We already use juce::Point everywhere Point is needed in our code.

Yes, I just downloaded it to my local machine a few days on last friday (1/07). Version 6.1.4

The “Reference to Point is ambiguous” error is a rather common topic in that forum.
Have you tried to include the macOS system headers in your project before the JUCE ones?

EDIT: Or there is that trick…

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