Porting to VST3 Plugins. Good idea, or not?

Hi all,

I have been thinking about porting my plugins to VST3. I'm trying to figure out if there are any current advantages to doing so, or if it will open up a can of worms.

First of all, how solid is Juce support for VST3? Getting stuff compiled via the wrapper seems easy (I downloaded the VST3 SDK and had my first plugin compiled as VST3 in about 1/2 hour), but I don't know how well this will work in different hosts.

Secondly, are there issues with porting older plugin code over to VST3 that I should be aware of? In other words, if a block of Juce plugin code works well as VST 2.4, RTAS, AU and AAX, is it reasonable to expect that it will work well as VST3?

Lastly, how consistently is VST3 support implemented across different platforms? In other words, is VST3 stable enough that one plugin will work in Cubase, Wavelab, Studio One, and the other VST3 hosts? Or are there host-specific issues that are difficult/impossible to resolve in one plugin?

I've noticed that a lot of plugin developers that use Juce, that seem to have their acts together (i.e. VST/AU/RTAS/AAX ports, good reps, all that jazz) have avoided releasing VST3 ports. I've also read about other plugin developers that don't use Juce, that had VST3 plugins in the beta stages, and then withdrew them before they were released.

I appreciate any and all advice. I also want to express my appreciation for the work done on the VST3 wrapper for Juce, as I suspect that it will become a necessity for Steinberg DAWs at some point in the future.

Sean Costello



No takers? I'm also interested in this..

The main thing I'd warn about in terms of VST3 is that it doesn't provide any way for raw midi data to enter or leave the plugin. All notes get converted to VST3 notes, and all controllers are turned into parameter changes by the host, there's no way for you to actually get the midi stream. For many purposes, this won't be a problem, but for some things, it'll definitely be a deal-breaker, so be warned!

In that case I think I'll stick with the satus-quo!