VST3 Midi In/Out problematic

Hello. I’m working on a midi plugin, that swaps midi data with a new one, similar to the midi volume tutorial on the site. Works with VST2, but VST3 is dead. what to do? I read that VST3 handles midi data a bit differently. Is there a solution for this?
Many thanks.

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i might also need to know this. My VST crashes when run as VST3…not sure why yet, and not sure if i will need vst3 even.

but yeah, interested.

Saying that VST3 handles MIDI “a bit differently” is an understatement! Technically VST3 doesn’t handle MIDI at all. In JUCE we have some hacks to work around this by converting MIDI to/from the VST3 note object format, but it’s not a 1:1 mapping so some things simply can’t work.

You may check this thread for further discussion of this… peculiarity of VST3 :unamused: :

I am also working on a MIDI transformation plugin - is it worth doing it as VST3? Are there any disadvantages to VST2? I was interested in the Note Expression part of VST3.5 but it seems very few hosts/plugins outside Steinberg actually support it, and we now have MPE to cover that kind of ground.

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