Question about MIDI data

Hi all,

I need to create a VST plugin that CONSUMES CC and channel pressure data and GENERATES new CC data (on any CC# I want).

(It also must be able to DROP some of the data it consumes so that it does not continue through to the host)

I have already built this using a (non-JUCE) VST2 SDK but would rather recreate it if possible with JUCE/VST3... both to make the plugin more accessible to other users and be as compatible as possible.

I've however read that VST3 can be troublesome for handling MIDI data.  I'm wondering if anyone can give me any advice?  I'm debating 2 things: JUCE vs. no JUCE, and VST2 vs VST3.  It's not clear to me the future of VST2 both for JUCE and the industry.

I would welcome ANY THOUGHTS on the subject. 

Thanks in advance!




you're writing something that converts MIDI CC messages from one type to another? 

It just needs to be able to listen for CC, poly aftertouch, note on/off, and channel pressure data, decide which (if any) of those messages get to continue on to the host, and also be able to create any of these types of data at any time to send to the host.

So far I haven't seen anything in any JUCE documentation leads me to believe there's any problem with this; but I've read a lot of stuff from folks online talking about how VST3 is a huge pain with regard to dealing with granular MIDI data and I'm trying to figure out what that's all about.