Possible Build errors with Android (JUCE_MODAL_LOOPS_PERMITTED Macro)

I was trying to create a new JUCE project strictly from creating a blank project and adding the tracktion_module.

In Android Studio I get the build errors with WaveAudioClip.cpp:357

juce::ignoreUnused (warn);

I had to comment out the above for it to compile.

Also in UIBehavior.cpp

UIBehaviour::showWarningAlert, UIBehaviour::showOkCancelAlertBox() and UIBehaviour::showYesNoCancelAlertBox() call does not have the correct argument count if Android build so we get errors.

I had to comment out both return AlertWindow::showMessageBoxAsync(), AlertWindow::showOkCancelBox() and AlertWindow::showYesNoCancelBox() calls.

So, it seems there are a couple UI things with Modals Macro that is giving me problems.

Thanks, I’ve just pushed a fix to develop for these so it should compile now.

The uses of these methods inside the Engine are the last residues of the app side of things and will be removed over time.

Hope that helps.

Yeah, pretty much guessed that but this gets it closer, thanks.