Pro Tools Automation issues

Hi folks,


I just got this email from a customer. It is a fairly good summary of issues I am hearing about from some post-production folks (for whatever reason, it is always people in post-production or music for films):

If i have the plugin on a track, everything automated and I enter preview then change to a different preset, automation is unaware that there has been a change and I cannot write automation using the"manual write to selection" automation button.

I can of course change a parameter then it sees it as automation fine, but thats quite inpratical obviously for presets

The customer is using RTAS. I'm not sure if there have been any automation changes for AAX.

My question: Is there anything in particular about Pro Tools that requires me to use things besides beginParameterChangeGesture(), setParameterNotifyingHost(), and endParameterChangeGesture(), in order to get automation to work properly?


Sean Costello